Tampa Bay fishing report for June 2020

Tampa Bay fishing report for June 2020

Tampa Bay fishing report for June 2020


As the nation opens up and things get back to normal I’m glad to report we have been busy on the water running charters and catching fish.Tampa Bay fishing report for June of 2020 June is a transition month as summer hits us full swing. This means great fishing and lots of heat mixed with some rain every afternoon. You can expect to have some great fishing trips when fishing in Tampa Bay.

Tarpon fishing report

The spotlight for the month would have to be Tarpon. Thousands of fish migrate up the coast just off the beaches of Tampa Bay and St Petersburg. Tarpon are one of those fish that many consider a bucket list fish. While they take a lot of effort and patience you can find good success this time of year as they are very plentiful. Tarpons are a fish that will give you all you got and at the end of the fight you will wonder who caught who as you gasp for air on your next Tampa fishing excursion. Tarpon should be here all the way through the end of the summer so don’t forget to book your next Tampa fishing charters right here… This is your Tarpon fishing report

Tampa Bay Snook Fishing Report

Next on the list would have to be Snook. This is my all time favorite as I have enjoyed targeting them since I was a little child. If you like bass fishing then you will love Snook fishing. It’s something everyone should experience. Tampa Bay Snook fishing is some of the best in the state of Florida. Summer time is a great time to target them as they spawn throughout the summer. Fishing for Snook around the new and full moon will give you your best shot at a big female as they stack up around the passes and outer flats this time of year. It’s a great time to do some Snook fishing.. Snook fishing reports are good this time of year.

It’s typically flat calm and the Mangrove Snapper are schooled up at just about every reef and rockpile in Tampa Bay. Mangrove Snapper are awesome fighters and are also great eating fish. In the mist of Snapper fishing you will also find some great Gag Grouper fishing as well. These same areas hold big Gag grouper and if you’re really lucky you might run across a Cobia in the same area. 

Tampa Bay Redfish fishing report

Latest would be Redfish. Most think this to be a spring fish but we actually get some big schools of fish in the middle of the summer. Big schools of Reds is something everyone should experience at least one time. Redfish make for a great fight and you can catch fish exceeding 30 inches and shallow water. Book here is you are looking to catch some of the bronze bruisers.

As you can see we have a ton of options for summer fishing in Tampa Bay. Don’t wait till the last minute let’s get the date of you choice. We offer online bookings that are fast and convenient. Book at the touch of a button on our website. If you want to talk in detail or email about the charter we would love to answer any that you might have . You can reach us  813-727-9890 or captjasonp@gmail.com

Tampa Bay fishing report for May

Tampa Bay fishing report for May

Tampa Bay fishing report for May


This month Tampa Bay fishing report for May is great. This has not taken us off the water but limited us to inshore fishing. Some late cold fronts have dictated what we target and where we go. Thankfully, Tampa Bay has miles of backcountry area that protects us from the wind and waves. The result has been successful Tampa Bay fishing for Snook, Redfish, Trout, and a few shallow water Grouper. Here is a report on what is biting this week and what to expect as the winds lay down into next week.

Tampa Bay fishing for Snook

Snook fishing is the most consistent bite throughout the spring as they stage up in and around the passes and feed aggressively when the tide is moving. On any given day in the spring you can catch 30 Snook while fishing Tampa Bay. Bait of choice is Greenbacks but having a few Threadfin hearing will make for some great cut bait action. Moving water is key so planning your trips around the weeks of the new and full moons will ensure the tidal flow will be good. The rest is just being at the right spot at the right time. Tampa fishing report is great for Snook

 Redfish bite is hot

Redfish are also a hot fish to target. As of late we are seeing some nice schools of fish but they can be picky at times. The fish have been in smaller schools mixed in with mullet or on the flooded tides in the shaded areas on the mangroves. Redfish take some patience and timing but when all the stars align you can expect to catch some nice fish. Some are exceeding 30inches. On the high tides you need to fish the mangroves. I have had a bunch of success throwing a tail hook Greenback along the mangroves. Tampa Bay fishing report for May Red fish is awesome.

Tampa Bay fishing report for May

Trout fishing has picked up for me with the cooler temperatures. Fishing the potholes on low incoming tides has proven to be successful. Using a popping cork or a nose hook freelined Greenback will be you best bet to catching some big Trout. If artificial baits are your choice I always love throwing the Zman paddlerz pearl white in color. You can check out an assortment of baits at www.Zmanfishing.com


Tampa Bay fishing report for May  Tarpon fishing looks great .

I have some Tarpon trips booked and hope to be able to put the first Tarpon boat side for 2020. I have also been on some nice sized Gag grouper which can be a blast when catching them on freelined baits. Mangrove Snapper have also been hot in the bay. These guys fight like crazy and make for a tasty meal at the end of the trip. I have some days open that typically are not open due to the Corvid 19 pandemic that has hit the entire nation. I can’t think of a better way to get away and do some social distancing than to be out on the boat fishing. Please go to my contacts page and call, email or even book online  https://steadyactionfishingcharters.com/contact/ 

This has been your Tampa Bay fishing report for May.

Time for Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay

Time for Tarpon in Tampa Bay

Time for Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay

Time for Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay. These fish, also known as the Silver King start to show up in big schools around Tampa Bay. Most of our Tarpon fishing charters run from May through July in search of these incredible massive creatures. Tarpon range from 10 lbs. up to 200 lbs. and go to over 6 feet long. Tampa Bay is one of the nations top destinations to target Tarpon

When to target Tarpon?

We typically start out Tampa fishing charters for Tarpon out at sunrise on the hunt as they cruise the beaches in search for food. These are the migration fish. They typically move up and down the beaches every year during the summer. Tarpon sightings at first light can be easy as they breach the surface gulping big breaths of air. Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay are one of the toughest fish to target as they can be a bit picky at times but once you have hooked one the wait is always worth it. You will be in for the fight of your life.

What types of bait to use for Tarpon?

Bait of choice for Tarpon in Tampa Bay changes from day to day and I typically like to try and have a little bit of everything. Some of their favorite baits are Pass Crabs, Threadfin Hearing, Pinfish, and dead bait. My favorite bait if I had to pick one would be dead bait. Tarpon are easier targeted when using dead bait to draw them to the boat. Having an assortment will increase the chances of hooking one for sure.


Last would have to be mental preparation. Tarpon in Tampa Bay are a big fish and require a lot of patience and work. Being prepared for the trip with realistic goals will better help you prepare for a Tarpon trip. Just like other trophy fish it takes time to get the boat and baits in that perfect spot. With the perfect presentation and a little luck, you will be in for a fight of a lifetime.


If you are interested in a Tampa Tarpon trip or any other type of Tampa fishing charters give us a try. We are available by phone (813)727-9890 and email. Here is a good start when booking as tarpon charter. https://steadyactionfishingcharters.com/tampa-tarpon-fishing/


If you would like some more information on the basics of Tarpon here is a great page to check out https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/tarpon/

Capt. Jason Prieto
Steady Action Fishing Charters