Warmer temperatures in Tampa Bay make for some awesome fishing!

Tampa bay fishing

Inshore fishing in Tampa Bay has been awesome!

Fishing on the South Shore of Tampa Bay has been nothing less than stellar. Just about every trip has produced multiple species, from flounder on the flats to big Redfish schooled in the backcountry. The fall really has not hit us as we set record high temperatures. This has kept most fish out of their normal spots and changed our normal approach. Its time to book a charter and fish Tampa Bay.

Water temperature is dropping and fishing is great

Typically this time of year water is dropping into the lower 70s and we start to fish around the river mouths as fish stage around these areas to get ready for winter. This has not been the case as we have recorded record high temperatures. This has kept most fish out on the flats and also has bait still plentiful on the flats. This is not a bad thing you just have to make the correct adjustments to catch fish.  As a result of warmer temperatures all species seem to be very active when using whitebait.

Trout fishing in Tampa Florida is great!

Trout has to be the surprise as they have invaded the deeper canals. Looking at the temperatures on my sonar I would not expect to catch trout on any size but as of late we have been catching a ton of nice Trout. Both live bait and artificial will produce fish with the Miro lure Lil Jon being a top producer. Match this with a ¼ ounce Jig Head and you will be filling the cooler with nice fish. A great technique is a live Greenback tied to a Cajun Thunder float. Use the good ole Popping technique and you will have Trout at the end of your line before you know it.

Catching live bait is key to catching fish!

If you are a live bait guy you should still keep your Black Pearl ¼ inch cast net on the boat as bait is still running on the smaller side.  Look for bait to move deeper as cold fronts come through but as for now it’s on just about every flat on the South Shore of Tampa Bay . Since bait is smaller I would stay with the #1 Daiichi circle for hook size. Water is clearing up so using the 25lb leader will work best when fishing on the flats. Live bait in Tampa Bay is come of the most productive ways to catch fish.

Redfish is on fire right now!

Redfish are still hanging around in Tampa Bay on the flats in good numbers. As mentioned above water is a bit cleaner than last month so using a quiet stealthy approach is a must. Fishing the high tides that fall mid day this month will be your best chance to produce good numbers on redfish. A free lined Shrimp will be a great option as they love crustaceans this time of year. The key is to adjust your fishing style based on what your water temperature is on your sonar. This will tell you what areas to fish and where to find fish. Eventually we will start seeing winter and this will move these fish to their normal winter homes. Until then get out on the flats and enjoy the Florida heat… Tight lines!!

How to book a charter

If you are looking to book a inshore fishing charter for the Tampa Bay area it really an easy process. Just got to our website right here and click the book online tab. It will take you to the bookings page. Pick the date of choice and you are ready for a great day on the water!

Endless Possibilities when fishing Tampa Bay!

Fishing Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Has Endless Fishing Possibilities

Do you enjoy fishing? Tampa Bay has endless fishing possibilities. There is a variety of fish in the bay, and every spot offers something different. The water is crystal clear, and there are many docks to go out on with your family or friends.

Inshore Fish species in Tampa Bay

Grouper fishing can be tricky and tiresome, but I like to think of it as an adventure. You will need
some gear for offshore fishing, such as bottom-fishing or free line bait casting when trying out
your luck with gag grouper in these deep waters off our coastlines. Luckily, there is always that
new lure called “Gag”, which has helped us reel those big ones!


A late summer Tarpon run in the bay is possible with some luck and a little know-how. . I like
the 60lb Fluorocarbon leader with 60 lb. braided line matched with a 5/0 Daiichi circle hook. Match this with an extra heavy St Croix Avid Spinning rod and Daiwa Saltist reel and all you have to do is hook the fish

Redfishing in Tampa Bay

With summertime comes a hot topic for many people- catching Reds! Early starts will help in this pursuit as water temperatures climb quickly from the heat of the day. Bait choices include cut bait on the bottom with mirror like mirrodines tying them up when needed most or if you’re feeling adventurous, try using a spoon shot rig that can also be fished dead drift style at whatever depth suits your fancy.

Mangrove Snapper Fishing

The best fishing is often found in the bay, where Snappers are waiting for you. As soon as they see your little friend on their line or bait rod jiggling around nearshore waters- beware!
Chumming these hungry fish with live lobsters will bring them right up into view and make
catching them more accessible than ever before. If there is something that winter blues me out just a little bit more than cold weather patterns.
During December through February, then it would have to be having no access at all when we’re unable to catch any interaction between humans who go about our daily business while living life outside society’s grindstone – so thank goodness this time comes but once every few years.

Snook fishing on your next charter

Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is some of the best around, and there are tons to target. The
summer months mean an abundance of big breeders who stack up near spoil islands for
spawning, which makes it great inshore action that bass anglers from all over will LOVE doing!
One-way I like catching these southern fish is with my favorite lure: a Zman paddle tail. – not your average cranky old jig , though; this one has good action on its tail so you can see what is going on.

Fishing is a great way to explore Tampa Bay.

During the fishing process, you get to see beautiful shores around. You will also likely to
notice some sea nature plants that offer an exciting sight for those who take time out of their day to enjoy them!

Book us for your next guided fishing charter

Tampa Bay is home to dozens of species of fish. We invite you to take advantage of the waters and explore what is waiting for you below! If fishing isn’t your thing, we also have plenty of other ways that you can enjoy Florida’s great outdoors. What else would you like to know about our local fisheries? If you are interested in booking a trip, you can reach me at 813-727-9890 or www.steadyactionfishingcharters.com.

Tampa fishing report

Tampa fishing report

Fall is showing up and this means we are about to experience some of the best fishing Tampa Bay has to offer. Snook make their transition to the flats and backcountry. Redfish are still hanging around in decent schools on the flats, and every day we see cooler weather and the Trout fishing just gets better. It’s truly an amazing time to get out on the bay and do some fishing.

What’s fishing is hot in Tampa Bay

Whitebait  also known as (Greenbacks)is the key to catching big numbers on Snook this time of year as they make that Transition to the flats. As water cools, bait will start to thin out in the shallow flats and move out to deeper water. You will find plenty of bait around the markers and towers inside the bay. The 12 foot  Blackpearl cast net should be the perfect match to get bait in the deeper water. As water cools start targeting the rivers, the South Shore has 4 major rivers that feed into the bay. This makes for some awesome Snook fishing all the way through the river.

Redfish continue to be productive

Redfish should stay hot, until we get a harsh cold front. I start to look in the deeper creeks and residential docks as fish will shift to these areas.  Using artificial bait is a good option so this will allow you to cover a lot of area. You can’t go wrong with a Root beer Zman minnowz bait matched with a ¼ ounce jig head. Live shrimp is also an excellent option. You will also have plenty of success using Greenbacks and a Cajun Thunder Back Bay float. Fishing around the Oyster bars on the rising and falling tides is a great method that will produce lots of fish.

Tout fishing in Tampa starting to produce

Trout fishing will continue to get better as water temperatures cool. You have to target Trout in the deeper grass flats and potholes that line the flats. You will find plenty of fish in the 4 to 6 foot depth outside the sand bars all the down the South Shore. Look for the thick grass areas and you will find the thicker trout. If you like throwing artificial baits for trout you can’t go wrong. The Mirrolure baits. These are absolutely some of the best Trout baits around.  As water gets colder, shift over and use artificial shrimp. This offers a slower approach when fish don’t want to chase fast moving baits. Greenbacks are also a great option as well. When fishing the deeper flats try to chum the bigger fish to the surface. Watching a Gator Trout pop a Greenback on the surface is an amazing sight. Remember water temperature is the key. This will dictate where you fish and what you fish with. Know what your temperature in your area is and it will be the difference in just going fishing versus going catching.

Give us a call for your next fishing charter!

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