a tampa fisherman with a snapper

Tampa Snapper Fishing

Snapper is a staple species here in Tampa Bay. Our Tampa fishing charters can regularly target snapper nearly all year long. There are many species of snapper that reside here, but they are all known for their excellent table fare. Snapper can be fun to catch as well as fun to fight.

Some of the most popular species of snapper here in Tampa include lane snapper, mutton snapper, red snapper, and mangrove snapper. Though as mentioned, they can be caught all year – the really big ones congregate during their spawning season, June through September.

Most tend to think of shrimp as a primary bait for targeting snapper, and this is true – however as snapper get larger they generally switch to a bait fish diet. In this, live bait fish as well as lures can be used to successfully target great eating size snapper.