Popular Tampa Fishing Species

Tampa Bay is home to a plethora of popular inshore gamefish. Being the states largest open water estuary with a direct feed from the Gulf of Mexico and coupled with hundreds of freshwater feeds from the coast – Tampa Bay attracts nearly all of the state’s inshore saltwater species. Below we will profile the top 4 favorite of these species, but this is by no means the definitive list. Other species include cobia, snapper, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, spanish mackerel, permit, pompano, and so on – the list is truly endless.


fisherman with a redfish in tampa bay

Red Drum, aka Redfish, are an extremely popular inshore species here in Tampa. These fish will readily bite a variety of baits and are available all year long. They are great fighters on light tackle or fly and make great table fare.

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A father and son fishing group holding up a large snook caught on a tampa bay fishing trip

Snook fishing in Tampa is simply top notch. Whether targeting them along the mangrove roots or even night fishing for them along the dock lights – these ambush predators are ready to make your drag scream.

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family group tarpon fishing in tampa bay

Tampa Bay is home to both a resident population of Tarpon, as well as one of the primary fishing grounds for the massive yearly migration. These fish are amazing acrobats once hooked, and will definitely give you a fight.

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A fisherman with a large tampa sea trout

Sea Trout is another species that is readily available all year long in Tampa. Whether looking to fill your cooler or simply add them to your target list to keep your day active, Tampa Bay is home to real gator sized trout.

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a fisherman holding a tampa cobia

Cobia are generally slow moving fish that can be sight fished in the shallows of Tampa Bay, but when they attack a bait – they becomes speeding missiles. In this, they hit hard and fight hard.

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a tampa fisherman with a snapper

Snapper is a staple species here in Tampa Bay. Our Tampa fishing charters can regularly target snapper nearly all year long. There are many species of snapper that reside here, but they are all known for their excellent table fare.

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This is a fisherman who just caught a nice grouper on his fishing trip with steady action fishing charters out of tampa bay

Tampa Bay is home to a healthy and diverse population of Grouper. Grouper are mainly bottom dwellers, who dig hard, and fight even harder when hooked. Add to this their great taste, they quickly becomes a “must do” in Tampa Bay.

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Jack Crevalle

a tampa fisherman with jack

Jack Crevalle is a commonly caught species here in Tampa Bay. These are hard fighting fish that can definitely get your heart pumping after a hookup. Even the generally “small” Jack’s can provide a good beating on light tackle.

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