Sponsors of Steady Action Charters

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Mercury Pro Team
Mercury, the world leader in marine propulsion and technology, sponsors most of the top anglers and fishing tournaments on the circuit.

When Mercury set out to engineer the most perfect outboard engine imaginable, they made sure to question everything – every number, every scenario, every bit of minutia – ensuring no detail was taken for granted, no stone left unturned. The result was Verado, the world’s only supercharged production outboard engine.

M-80 Marine Products
M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM is a secret blend of highly engineered ingedients designed to attract a wide variety of fish species. The explosion of TNT Sparkle in M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM realistically imitates the shimmer of fish scales flashing as they fall through the water column. The ultra-fine chum particles send out an irresistible scent cloud that’ll drive ’em crazy! The unmatched scent and shimmer of M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM simulates a concentrated bait ball and triggers a feeding frenzy, holding the fish and bait where you want them. You’ve got to see it to believe it! Whether you’re chasing the biggest fish or cast netting for bait, M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM makes things happen in the water!

Aluminum Outfitters custom T-Tops and Tower

Lorance Electronics
The presentation, the bite, the fight and the thrill of landing the fish – it still gets your pulse rate up and makes you more aware. Never has there been better technology to find the structure and transitions that hold fish then right now from Lowrance.

Pathfinder Boats

Captain Jason uses only the finest equipment day in and out and his Pathfinder 26 gets the job donce from all aspects of fishing. This powered with the Mercury 350 Verado is the perfect match to put you on the fish.

Family Boating Center

Family Boating is a Pathfinder and Sportsman dealer in the Tampa Bay are offer service for all major brand outboards.

Z Man Baits
CFor more than 25 years, Charleston, SC-based Z-Man Fishing Products has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers. Z-Man has long been one of the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material, but until recently the Z-Man name was unknown to many fishermen. Today, Z-Man’s amazing 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics and Original ChatterBait® brand bladed jigs are among the world’s premier fresh- and saltwater baits, positioning the company as one of the fastest-growing lure brands in the US!

Rhodan Marine Systems
This system utilizes a precision differentially corrected GPS and an embedded microcomputer to control the refined behavior of this advanced trolling motor.

FINS Fishing Line
FINS is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge. FINS Smooth Cast Superline is the best-casting Superline available. Its smooth, round structure peels from the reel for a longer cast. Exceptionally quiet. FINS Smooth Cast Superline offers amazing performance. Great for both bait- and spin-cast reels. Try FINS on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why it’s every angler’s dream – and every fish’s nightmare!

Every lipped lure is hand-tuned and tank tested. Anytime you tie on a MirrOlure® or an L&S Bait, prepare to set new records.

Power Pole
Manufacturer of the Power Pole, a shallow water anchoring system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flats boats and bay boats.

Loadmaster Trailers
Aluminum boat and custom trailers, largest builder and distributor in South Eastern USA.

Smith Optics
Smith Sport Optics sets the standard for high performance sunglasses, goggles and helmets. Smith innovations include the patented Regulator lens ventilation system, distortion-free Tapered Lens Technology, and the versatility of the Slider Series. Smith Optics is synonymous with innovative and top-quality products in the eye wear, goggle and helmet markets.

Daiichi Hooks
Besides the point, the other factor of sharpness (the ability to penetrate) concerns the barb. The Daiichi hooks have two types of low profile barbs, allowing for faster penetration. Minibarb – the standard Daiichi barb – cuts into 40% of the hooks’ wire diameter. Microbarb provides the ultimate combination of sharpness and holding power, cutting into only 20% of the wire.

Castaway Customs
Castaway Customs is THE source for custom SeaDek products.  We began working with and designing custom SeaDek products back in 2007.  We were the first company to develop and use the digitizing equipment that now the industry standard.  While others have tried to duplicate our process, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, their is no substitution for experience.