Tampa fishing Report for September 2020


We are coming to an end for the summer of 2020. While this year has been full of surprises in the fishing world from Covid 19, we have stayed busy late summer and our fishing charters have been successful. Snook, Redfish, Grouper, Cobia, Tarpon, Trout and many others have been boat side this summer. Here is your Tampa fishing report for September.


Redfish are the highlight this month as big schools of breeder fish gather up in the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Redfish have been very plentiful this year with fish schooling up in good numbers especially around the new and full moons. I really like fishing the lower tides and finding fish on the outer flats roaming around eating anything in front of them. Both live and artificial baits are good options. I like throwing something with good weight to add to the distance on your cast. One of my favorite baits when fishing in Tampa bay is the z man chatter bait. The chatter bait works well when targeting big schools of Reds. It has plenty of weight, has flash and makes noise. This checks off all the boxes when looking for a bait to fish schools of Redfish in Tampa Bay.


Snook this time of year on the Tampa Bay flats. It’s not uncommon to catch 30 Snook on a fishing charter as we approach fall fishing in Tampa Bay. Snook  are some of our top sought after species for the month of September. Its just another species we target and make September fishing in Tampa so good.

Grouper and Snapper

Next on the list for the Tampa fishing report in September would have to be Mangrove Snapper and Gag Grouper. Both fish are considered nearshore or offshore fish but with the great Tampa fishing we have the pleasure of catching both species right inside the bay. This happens just a few minutes from the dock. Both Grouper and Snapper are plentiful and make for a great table fair. Sizes on Grouper for Tampa Bay are seasonal and have a minimum size of 24 inches and a bag limit of 2. For more information of the Grouper regulations https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/groupers/

Snapper have a different size with a minimum size of 10 inches and 5 per person. They are also open year-round.

Looking forward to fishing with you!


Great Tampa Bay fishing this month

Great Tampa Bay fishing this month

 Great Tampa Bay fishing this month

September is almost here and as summer comes to an end. As most people get ready for school our Tampa fishing charters slow down a bit. We mostly book local and corporate guys to fish this time of year. If you can break away from the your busy schedule and make your way down for a weekend getaway  you can enjoy great Tampa Bay fishing this month.

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Top Places To Fish In Tampa Bay!

Tips to catching nice Redfish in Tampa Bay

Top Places To Fish In Tampa Bay!

Tampa Bay is one the best places in Florida to fish. Some of the nations most targeted fish live right here in Tampa Bay. You would be surprised the variety of species you can catch in a single trip when fishing Tampa Bay. In additions to some great fishing we have some of the top beaches in the nation spreading from as far south as Anna Maria to all the way to to Clear water beach. Top places to fish in Tampa Bay is right here.


Snook is a top targeted fish in Tampa Bay

Snook is one of my favorite fish and Tampa Bay has some of the best Snook fishing around. Sizes range from 16 to 45 inches with the average fish settling in at 22 inches. Snook fishing is very popular to the bass guys because they resemble a bass but get bigger and fight harder. So if you are a bass fisherman go ahead and get your next Tampa fishing charter on the books. You will love Snook fishing.

 Redfish is another fish to catch

Red fish is another dandy and the west central Florida is no slouch when it comes to Red fish. With miles of flats and back country its not uncommon to see a big school of 300 fish milling down the flat in search of some type of meal. You will also find success underneath the Mangroves that cover Tampa Bay. Red-fish are here year round but some of the best months to target the big breeder fish are around September and October.

Grouper are a top targeted fish

Grouper is another big fish that we target here in the Tampa Bay area. Most people typically think that Grouper are an offshore fish and they are, but we also have a great Gag Grouper fishery in the bay. Its a blast targeting Shallow water Grouper. We can catch them year round but reason opens June 1st so they become a highly targeted fish in the summer. If you like a strong pulling fish then you need to do some Grouper fishing in Tampa Bay.. For more information on the season and Regulations check out FWC website


The silver King

The Silver King is another great fish for Tampa Bay. While most of our Tarpon fishing is from May to July we do have fish that Rome Tampa Bay year round. The migration fish the run the beaches run from May to the end of June. These fish are easy to find as they are aggressively rolling up and down the beaches. The bay fish tend to be at there best around the July to October time frame. These fish can be in excess of 200 lbs and the Little Manatee and Hillsborough rivers  will hold the baby Tarpon in the 10 to 30 lbs range. Both are a blast and will give you the adrenaline rush that fisherman dream of.  Its a true blessing to call Tampa Bay home my entire life and I enjoy having the opportunity to show people some of its best qualities. Tight lines!