Tampa Fishing in December is great!

In most areas in across the United States snow is starting to be a common occurrence and weather is not the best for fishing. Most typically hang the rods up and put the tackle bags away until the spring.Well that’s not the case here in Tampa Bay as we have some awesome weather and  inshore fishing in December. You can expect to catch a ton of fish on your next Tampa fishing charter. Some of the areas most sought after species can be targeted on a daily basis while enjoying the sun and mild temperatures right here in Tampa Bay. Here is whats has been biting.


Trout fishing is very good this month as water temperatures cool down and fish school up on the flats. This is a great time of year to use both live and artificial baits. Trout are pretty easy to catch on artificial baits right now and make for a great day on your next fishing charter. My favorite baits when targeting Trout would have to be the Zman paddlez. You can rig these baits with both weedless and non weedless rigs and both will produce depending on what type of terrain you are fishing.


Snook fishing is on fire this time of year.Our bait seems to hang around but in deeper water so fish do not have as much bait in the shallows this time of year. This means when you fish areas with greenbacks it makes for quite the feeding frenzy. Bait has been small and water is very clear so I’ve been downsizing tackle. I’ve been using a #1 Daiichi hooks and 30 lb fluorocarbon leader to get more bites.  Live Greenbacks are key when targeting Snook on your next Tampa Bay fishing charter but you will get lucky and pluck a few on artificial baits from time to time.


Red fish is another great fish frequently caught while Tampa flats fishing. With gin clear water on the Tampa flats you really have to use a stealthy approach to get close enough to get a cast on the fish. This is the time of year when using a trolling motor will be a difference maker and out you in close quarters with some big Redfish in shallow water. Rhodan is a local company that makes one of the best trolling motors on the market and will prove to be a difference maker while fishing in Tampa Bay. This matched is a set of Power Pole Shallow Water Anchors will be the best combination to a successful day of fishing in Tampa Bay. You can check out both these companies out online and learn the difference.




Our fleet of boats will be rigged with some of the best equipment and latest technology the industry has to offer. From the spacious 2019 25 Pathfinder Hybrid  to our custom rigged shallow running Stoner boat works tunnel hull we will make sure you are having a great time and on the fish. Book your next Tampa fishing charter 813-727-9890


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What to expect while on your next fishing trip to Tampa Bay!

What to expect while on your next fishing trip to Tampa Bay!

Fall weather is finally here. Up north the temperatures drop, and some are already seeing some snow. Here in Tampa Bay our weather is just starting to reach some of the best of the year. If you are on your way to Tampa Bay our city offers a bunch of amenities which make this area one of the top destinations to visit in the United States. We offer some great weather mixed with great theme parks like Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Adventure Island. We also have some of the top places to dine like Burn Steak House, and Ocean Prime Restaurants. Mix this with some great nightlife in areas like Ybor city or Hyde Park and you will have plenty to do during your time in Tampa Bay. Of course, the main attraction when visiting would have to be the fishing. Tampa Bay estuary is 15 miles wide and 25 miles long and offers some of the best flats fishing in the state. With its beautiful mangroves lining the city lines makes for a unique great place to stay. Busy but peaceful would be best describes when thinking about Tampa Bay. If you are coming to the area we hope you consider booking a fishing trip with Steady Action Fishing Charters while here in the area.  Below is a up to date fishing forecast for your next Tampa fishing charters….

Snook fishing starts to pick up as fish ease towards the river mouths and get ready to invade the pristine flats and backcountry of Tampa Bay. The key to catching Snook is having live Sardines. It can be a challenge but can be found in deeper water around the towers and markers. Using a big heavy net is key as water is gin clear and deep. The Humpback 12 foot extra heavy will get the job done on those hard to get bait days. Targeting potholes on the flats is an excellent start and is a proven way to catch Snook this month. Try and fish on the warmer days and starting a little later will also help when targeting Snook.

Trout fishing is also great this time of year as the big girls move out on the outer flats to spawn. Trout seem to like both live bait and artificial baits, you can’t go wrong with a Cajun Thunder and a live select sized shrimp. Another great option is a Z Man minnowZ or PladdlerZ on a ¼ once Jig head pearl white in color. Trout this time of year also move shallow. Potholes surrounding shallow areas are great places to target for those gator. Drifting the flats and fan casting an area is a proven way to both catch fish and cover area.

Most redfish are coming out of the deeper creeks and rivers this time of year. You will find a mix of small rat Reds mixed in with a few lunker sized fish. Bait of choice would be live shrimp, smaller greenbacks, or cut bait. Hook size is important this time of year as water is very clear. I typically use a 1/0 or #1 Daiichi wide gap circle hook matched with 25 Ohero fluorocarbon leader.

Shallow water Grouper fishing in the bay is another hidden gem this time of year as well. Fishing the edges and rock piles in the bay will surprise you. Tampa Bay has hundreds of rock piles,ledges,wrecks and reefs that all are productive one time or another. This can be a bit challenging but with a little time on the water and the use of modern technology you will find the hill a little easier to overcome. I have become a better reef and wreck fisherman simply due to the use of my Simrad Evo 3 and its Structure Scan and chirp technology. Mix this with Rhodan Marine System GPS anchor and you will be able to find spots fast and cover more spots in a day. You will also find a bunch of other fish while fishing these areas. Don’t be surprised to pull up Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, Sheephead and many others.

Captain Jason Prieto is a native resident of Tampa and has fished Tampa Bay and its surrounding waters for the past 20 years. He is the owner and operator of Steady Action Fishing Charters which is based out of lower Tampa Bay. To book a charter, you can reach him at 813-727-9890 or www.steadyactionfishingcharters.com. If you would like to catch him on the internet tune into Tampa Fishing Outfitters Fishing Show On Facebook live and You tube from 6 to 7Pm every Wednesday evening.

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Tarpon Fishing Charters In Tampa Bay

Tarpon Fishing Is in Full Effect For June

Tampa Fishing in the summer is great. There are plenty of options inside Tampa Bay during the summer months. Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is great as the big Snook get ready for the spawn. Bay fishing is also a great option as Grouper season opens and the Mangrove Snapper fishing begins to really pick up. Don’t forget about our great summer shark fishing as Sharks invade the bay as well. All are great options but one of my favorite fish to target this time of year would have to be Tarpon!!!!

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay is some of the best around. During the summer months big schools migrate up the coast and call Tampa Bay home for a few months. During this time period you can expect to have a good chance to hook up to one of the most sought after fish in the world. Tarpon fishing is a process and can be very drawn out but when you put the time in you typically get rewarded.

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay can be tricky. Booking around the best times will increase your chances of hooking and landing one. Typically the summer months from May to September are good Tampa fishing for Tarpon. When preparing for a Tarpon fishing charter you should come prepared with plenty of water, light breathable clothing and patience. Prime Tarpon fishing weeks are around the New and Full Moons as the tidal flow is great and this typically brings bait of all types through the passes. Booking you next fishing charter in advance will ensure the best days.

Tackle is another very key ingredient to a successful Tarpon charter. Tackle of choice on my fishing charters would be Heavy spinning gear. On my fishing charters I use the Tsunami Carbon Shield 2 Rods matched with 5000 Tsunami Evict reels for the perfect combination to land the big one. The rod and reel is only good if you have the right line to match. I like to go with 60 lb braided line and 60 to 80 Lb Fluorocarbon line. Don’t forget to pick you up some Daiichi 6/0 circle hook on the way to the ramp..

Having great electronics will be a big help when Tarpon fishing as fish are move on the deeper water and having eyes on the bottom will help you locate and catch more fish. Using 3D side imaging from Simrad has made me a better Tarpon fisherman and will help you catch more fish as well..

If you are looking to do some summer fishing inside Tampa Bay for Tarpon or any other species the roam out waters don’t hesitate to give us a chance as fulfilling your fishing needs.