Wreck fishing in Tampa Bay

Wreck fishing in Tampa Bay

Wreck fishing in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a premier fishing destination when targeting multiple species right inside the bay. With plenty of towers markers and spoil islands there is more than enough places for fish to hide. These areas hold plenty of structure oriented fish  and make for some great fishing during the summer months. You can expect to have some great action packed Tampa fishing charters when you venture out into the bay. You will catch some of the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico right inside the bay. Wreck fishing in Tampa Bay is a  hidden jewel.


What bait to use when wreck fishing?

Bait is always the first chore on any Tampa fishing trip. When bay fishing I like to have plenty of live pinfish and Greenbacks. I also like to have a bunch of dead greenbacks or even better Threadfin Hearing. We use a lot of dead bait so the morning bait run can be somewhat time consuming but worth the extra time needed.  We catch our bait while on the Tampa flats fishing just about year round. When its cold bait moves deep. In the summer bait has its hatch and typically is all over the flats. Our net of choice would be the Barracuda 12 foot 3/8 or 1/4 inch mesh depending on the bait size. Toss a little chum and you will be pulling in hundreds of bait and ready to go fishing.

Types of fish you will catch while wreck fishing?

As mentioned above Tampa Bay is filled with artificial reefs and wrecks from one end to the other. These wrecks are loaded with all types of structure and fish are not far behind. Fishing the wrecks,reefs, and ledges inside Tampa Bay will make your next Tampa fishing charters an epic day. One any given day we can catch Grouper,Snapper, Flounder, Sharks, Tarpon and Cobia just to name a few. Most of the time we can do this all in the same spot. Tampa Bay is a truly amazing fishery.

What type of tackle we will be using while fishing wrecks in Tampa Bay?

Tackle, techniques and tips are the last important part to fishing wrecks inside Tampa Bay. When fishing wrecks you want to have a variety of rods from a light tackle inshore rod for the Mangrove Snapper and Triple Tail, to the big heavy spinning gear for the bigger gamefish like Tarpon,Goliath Grouper,Gag Grouper and Sharks. Both of my preferred rods and reel combos are the Tsunami Evit 3000 size for light tackle and the 400 to 5000 for the heavier gear. Match this with the medium 8 foot action Tsunami Carbon rod for the lighter rig and the Extra Heavy spinning rod for the heavier stuff and you are ready for some great fishing in Tampa Bay. Check out the entire Tsunami line up.


Another great tip to help catch fish on these wrecks would be to have a good sonar with side imagining. This will help you find structure and actually see what type of structure is down there. I love the Lowrance Live units or you can’t go wrong with the Simrad GO12. Both offer a variety of features that will help you catch more fish. Check out some of the latest products at Navico


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Best Tampa fishing of December

Best Tampa Fishing Of December

Best Tampa fishing of December

Best fishing of December. How is that possible? Well wintertime in Florida is a little different than the rest of the US. As cold fronts blast other parts of the united states Tampa Bay, Florida has some great weather and even better fishing.Cold fronts will dictate fishing through the end of the year

I can’t believe that we are in the last month of the year. December of 2017 is upon us and while this is one of my favorite months to fish it
will be controlled by weather.

December cold fronts dictate  Tampa fishing

As cold fronts become more frequent
and harsh fishing is dictated more by weather. Changing Barometer is
the key to catching fish and with cold fronts hitting us every week
planning your trips around them is the biggest factor between fishing
and catching. Changing Barometer is a great time to fish as this
creates the fish to feed better. North winds and bluebird skies
typically is a recipe for a slow day. Picking your days around this
will be key to catching fish.

Planning your fishing trips around weather

Want the best Tampa fishing of December?  When you plan around the weather you can
expect that.  Awesome Snook fishing around the rivers,docks, and creeks this time of year. Snook start to move into the protected areas. These areas provide warmth for them to survive throughout the winter. During this time you can expect some awesome Snook fishing but you will need to fish around the weather.


Where to find bait when fishing in Tampa Bay?

Greenbacks are key but can be work as bait moves to
deeper water. Good places to look are around the towers, markers and
any other structure in deeper water. Key things for catching bait in the winter are a heavy cast net and plenty of chum. Bait typically moves to deeper water and tends to hold to structure. My preference on nets is a Black Pearl 12 foot net to ensure for fast sink rates. Catching bait is the first and most important key to fishing in Tampa Bay during the winter time.


Whats biting when fishing Tampa Bay?

Trout, Sheepshead,Redfish, and Snook are some of our main targeted and make for great fishing in Tampa. Lets give you a report on each species…

Trout fishing has also taken off as water temperatures drop. The grass flats on the South Shore has been very productive with both artificial and live baits. You will find plenty of success with a little planning this time of year.

Snook as mentioned above are great during December. As long as we can catch Greenbacks in the net you will find Snook biting. Once the baits disappears so do the Snook. Rule of thumb for Snook fishing is they hang around until the 2nd week of January.

Sheepshead are great as we hit the peak if winter. This is during the times of January into February. Sheepshead have their yearly spawn and become very plentiful.  They also make for some great eating and seasons are open during this time of year.

Redfish are also good during the winter months in Tampa Bay. mall schools group up on the flats during winter time fishing in Tampa. They are a blast to target but can be easily spooked off with the clear water during this time of year.