Snook fishing in Tampa


Snook fishing in Tampa Bay has been great. As weather starts to get colder Snook push up into the rivers and creeks in search of food. Snook are one the most sought after game fish in florida and are very plentiful in Tampa Bay. We are also catcthing plenty on Trout and Redfish and they will continue to bite good through the winter. Book your trip today and have a great day on the water!
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Tampa bay Snook fishing


Tampa bay Snook fishing has been great! Friday we fished a corperate charter and jorge caught this trophy 31 inch snook despite windy conditions. Trout and Grouper have also plentiful inside Tampa Bay. The fall holds some great fishing so don’t wait to get out there.
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Fishing Report


Well today was the day of trout fishing!!! We caught a good bnumber of trout in the ft Desoto area. Our biggest was 26 inch but that was not the suprise when I opened her up she had a 8 inch blue runner inside her belly!!! Go figure, Anyhow the Snook bite was slow but we did manage 5 snook and a small refish. Ill be out every day so the reports will keep coming!!! Tightlines