Best Tampa Fishing Of December

two fisherman showing a large tampa snook

Cold fronts will dictate fishing through the end of the year

I can’t believe that we are in the last month of the year. December of
2017 is upon us and while this is one of my favorite months to fish it
will be controlled by weather. As cold fronts become more frequent
and harsh fishing is dictated more by weather. Changing Barometer is
the key to catching fish and with cold fronts hitting us every week
planning your trips around them is the biggest factor between fishing
and catching. Changing Barometer is a great time to fish as this
creates the fish to feed better. North winds and bluebird skies
typically is a recipe for a slow day. Picking your days around this
will be key to catching fish. When you plan around the weather you can
expect some awesome Snook fishing around the rivers,docks, and creeks
this time of year. Greenbacks are key but can be work as bait moves to
deeper water. Good places to look are around the towers, markers and
any other structure in deeper water. Trout fishing has also taken off
as water temperatures drop. The grass flats on the South Shore has
been very productive with both artificial and live baits. You will
find plenty of success with a little planning this time of year.